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Bon Voyage Advantages

Door-to-door full content access

Approval flow and expenses report management

Travel policy compliant and budget control

Managed any travel problems encountered en route

Simple and fast – Just as it should be!

Bon Voyage brings you from anywhere to everywhere in less than 30 seconds. Book a flight, train, bus, taxi, car and hotel room in a one-stop shop.

The results will comply with your company’s travel policy and Bon voyage will take care of the approval flow before booking.

Store your personal information once only and Bon Voyage then looks after all your bookings.

All your booking information is stored in a single file.

Expenses report - Only a few click away

One trip, one file.

Add the daily expenses of your business trip by photographing all your receipts.

Bon Voyage creates your full expenses report for you. Once you’re back, click and send to the accounts department!

Better budget control and greater payment flexibility with our integrated payment method.

Stop planning - Start travelling

Bon Voyage is a full content access tool.

Just set off and it will take care of any travel problems you encounter en route.

No access to internet? You can access Bon Voyage with a SMS.

Our aim is to make your end to end travel simple, easy and flexible..

And if technology can’t help you, Bon Voyage can be reached 24/7!